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Where do I start with this little girl. I think I should have named her Maria (think Sound of Music). When I imported Bailey, her mother from Hungary little did I know her daughter would be such a star.

Gretel’s dad, Tendrow Moondance owned by the lovely Julie Shaw (artist and illustrator) is the epitomy of a laid back wire haired dachshund, stunning looks and attitude for the show ring but excellent character, soft and happy.

Gretel was not the easiest to train and tested my patience on many occasions but with the help of No Longer In The Dog House trainer Dawn Ash-Bunting and her Kennel Club Good Citizen classes we managed to channel her wealth of energy in the right direction. Also with the help of Selby Ring Craft Club I managed to have her ready to show at six months.

Gretel’s attitude to life is proceed at 100 miles an hour, snatch experiences as she goes along, love people, food and attention in equal measures. She did stand out of the litter in January 2019 amongst her six other brothers and sisters.

Her show experiences to date have been a little up and down as she does react quite strongly to her seasons and hormones (poor girl), she lacks concentration sometimes but has managed 16 wins, 6 Best Puppy in Breed, 2 Best In Breed and a Best Puppy and Best in Match. She has had some super critiques as well including this one from Victoria Wand “J. (2/1) Eldred’s Derdledash Moon Beam 9 mth old Brindle bitch. Nice puppy. Feminine head and expression. Well arched neck into correct shoulders. Good sized chest and depth of keel. Excellent angulations giving her the drive needed for a day’s work. Well ribbed and strong loin BP and RBOB.”

She loves nothing more than sitting on your lap, licking your face or going for a walk, what more could you ask from this young lady.

 When I imported Bailey, her mother from Hungary little did I know her daughter would be such a star.

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