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Clyde or Derdledash Clyde is my homebred little man that was a bit of a surprise. I had not planned to keep one of my own puppies for a couple of years as I want to be able to keep them all indoors as house pets and not in kennels. There is a limit to how many you can indoors without becoming overcrowded!

Daisy and Brokk had a fantastic litter of nine puppies on the 2nd February 2017 and in this litter I had quite a few I would happily have kept to show. There was one however, Clyde who I think knew there was a chance of staying and he just kept attracting my attention over and above the others in everything this did. Whether it was during feeding time with their mum and he would be the one who kept getting into awkward positions to feed, laying on Daisy or his litter mates or playing and making sure he made the most noise or tripped over something or chewed something he was not meant to. He also managed to get the most of the puppy food on him rather than in him when they were being weaned and also managed to get at the front for photos and videos.

Clyde or Derdledash Clyde is my homebred little man that was a bit of a surprise.

Mum as usual had to visit several times a week to “help with the puppies” and it was a joint decision that Clyde would have to stay. There were of course other factors involved, Daisy unfortunately would not be having any more puppies and as she was my first girl who had done extremely well in the show ring for me I wanted to keep one of her line. Also I would not have the opportunity of this mix again and I needed to know if I could continue this breeding for the future.

Clyde is just a sheer delight. Funny, loud, loveable to everyone and everything and is such a character that I could not have wished for more from him.

Training so far has consisted mostly of socialisation, he has also been to Show off Dog Grooming (see links page for details) for a bit of meet and greet with other dogs. He is actually doing very well with his house training, loves nothing more than going out with the rest of the pack for a walk, going to a show and wandering around taking in the sights and yes you guessed it sitting on my lap.

Clyde will hopefully start his show career at the beginning of August however we will have to see how the training goes. I do not want to push this little guy too much as I want him to enjoy showing unlike his dad who much prefers to get down and dirty in the woods!

With any luck Clyde will take over his dad’s duties as stud dog in time and produce puppies of the same calibre. Happy, friendly and loveable puppies ideal for pets, working or showing true to type and ready to make you laugh.

Clyde has had a short show career winning every class entered however due to an accident either whilst in the womb or shortly after one of his growth plates in his back leg was damaged and due to the slower growth on one side of the bone has a 2mm bend in one leg compared to the other. Obviously this precludes the poor little guy from competing and as such cannot now be my new stud dog. I am very disappointed as in every other possible way he is perfect. His temprament is to die for, he is so soft and kind and loves everyone just like his mum Daisy. He has the most perfect coat and lovely slow growing nails. His look melts your heart.

After successfully finding a good home for Daisy I have now decided I am going to repeat this with Clyde. Although again I know I will be distraught the day he goes I have found a home for him not far away with a wonderful couple who have had wires before so know their foibels well. I know he is going to be much loved and be the man of the house with 100% attention so despite me being sad he will be a very happy little boy.