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Brokk or Eydehavn Polonius at Derdledash is our man of the house. Being a good standard with excellent bone structure and a good nose. He is wild boar in markings with brindle, black and tan colours. He has proved himself in the show ring with a first and reserve best in breed at Humberside Hound Association Show. Not enjoying the show ring we have concentrated on his scenting skills and he has made an excellent tracking dog. Very protective of his family he is a good house dog, has us in stitches with his antics and has learnt many tricks. His pedigree includes such names as Ritterburg, Silvae and Starbarrack. His sire Charletan’s Darswed Nimrod (IMP DKK) who was imported from Denmark also has an excellent tracking record and now lives in Northumbria

Brokk has now proved himself as a stud dog having produced three fabulous litters another one on the way and has now become a grandfather. I am sure he will go on to produce many more

Brokk or Eydhven Polonius my first wire dachshund. Just a little about the guy.

After much searching for my first wire dachshund I found a litter in a village close to Pickering not far from us. Mum my sister Pam and I went to have a look and guess what I wanted them all. At this point I had not even decided if I wanted a boy or girl and the lovely couple who had the puppies for sale had bred both their girls at the same time so from memory I think there were 16 puppies to choose from. I decided to look at the mums first which narrowed it down to 7 and then I looked at the puppies. Of course Mum and Pam wanted one each as well and picked up girls but I rather took to a little boy. The breeders told me they had chosen to keep him but provided I kept in touch and gave him a ancient norse name then I could have him. This was not easy but in the end decided on the name Brokk which was the name of one of the little pixies who made magical items for the Norse gods such as the hammer for Thor.

Home comes Brokk my first little puppy for 15 years. I had to read up on what to do and how to train etc. The breeders gave me a very nice folder with lots of information about Brokk and although somewhat reluctantly I decided to crate train him although not wanting to leave him in such a confined space I also bought a playpen which fitted onto the front of the crate and all went well.

During my research I found out a lot about the breed including their history and decided it would be a good idea to channel Brokks energy into something interesting. We taught him to do all the usual things, like sit, stay, walk to heel, come when called and fetch which he loved doing and still does. We decided to try some scent training as he had a wonderful sense of smell and he did well with this as well. He has since been hunting and deer stalking so loves the outdoors. Having said this he is just as happy curling up in front of the fire.

Brokk is a typical boy, very bouncy and rebust, loves his walks, retrieving anything I throw for him and being with me. He has had the special treatment of going to work with me and playing with customers in the office, he has met all sorts of people, other animals and also been to many horse shows. The one thing I did not do with him as a puppy was to introduce him to those funny creatures children. He was quite frightened when first approached by little ones but he now loves them as much as the adults.

When Daisy arrived I had to make a decision about whether to have Brokk castrated or not. I am a great believer in not doing anything unless it is for the better of the animal and I am now so relieved I did not take that path.

I could not show Brokk as we had had to have him chemically castrated so his “bits” had shrunk and this would render him unsuitable for showing. We did this as a temporary measure so we could keep the two together without having accidental babies. This was again something I had researched and discussed with my Vet as I was not too keen on having Brokk irreversibly castrated this early on. Its quite easy you just have a chemical implant placed under the skin every six months which is like having them microchipped and this reduces their sex drive and makes them infertile. It has worked perfectly well for Brokk and I can thoroughly recommend this although I understand it can be different for each dog so if you consider this you need to discuss it with your vet.

However once the decision was made to show Daisy and she did well I decided after much pressure from people wanting puppies to use Brokk as my stud dog. No more implants. What I did not know was it took 18 months for the effects of the implant to wear off.

I thought it would be a good idea to try Brokk in the show ring and he managed an excellent 1st and Reserve Best of Breed at his first show. However it quite quickly became obvious that he did not enjoy showing and we decided to let him continue his outdoor persuits and being man of the house.

He is an adorable lovable crazy character who from constand exposure to people children and other animals just cant wait for visitors so he can try andpersuade them to play. Be warned you need a good throwing arm.