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Bailey or Kissdachs Bailey Luxury has joined our pack from Hungary. What a loveable and funny girl she is. Born to Henrietta Kiss’s second litter on the 9th October 2016 I could not believe my luck when my enquiry about her availability was confirmed and the plans got under way. Henrietta has an amazing dog called HJCH SKJCH ROJCH Lekoll Bobbi Sharm Shadow of your Smile who has many wins under his belt and is a handsome example of the breed, he is also very friendly and loves nothing more than sitting on your lap, he is Bailey’s dad. Mum is IntCH HCH HGCH HSCH Idessus Faxni 2013 Budapest WDS CAC also a much loved part of Henrietta’s family and living indoors as all her dogs do is a family pet first and foremost but has also done extremely well in the show ring.

Bailey or Kissdachs Bailey Luxury has joined our pack from Hungary.

Amiety was advertised for sale in Chesterfield by another lovely couple. It just goes to show that the dogs turn out like their owners. Amiety was a very different breeding from Brokk and Daisy

The puppies were born and raised in Henrietta’s home much like we do here and so were very socialised with the home environment. There were five in the litter and it became quite obvious early on that they were going to be good examples of the breed and also take after both parents for temperament. I was struck by Baileys coat being a true pin wire which is quite unusual here in the UK and her wrinkled forehead when she was listening to anything. She has a lovely expression and her eyes speak volumes.

I have never imported a dog before and although I travelled twice with Labrador puppies many years ago for family in Holland Hungary is as you will appreciate some distance from the UK. Henrietta and I spent many hours researching the transport situation and eventually concluded the safest and best way for the puppies was for Henrietta and her husband to drive from their home across Europe to Rotterdam and I would take the ferry overnight from Hull and meet them there. I am not sure Henrietta’s husband quite knew what he was taking on but all went to plan for them.

I think it was rather fortuitous that my friends Graham and Julia Howe who also breed these wonderful guys had seen what we were doing and fell in love with Bilbao, Baileys brother. It was then decided they would travel together and Julia would pick Bilbao up from me at home once we arrived.

I have to say P & O Ferries have improved enormously since my last trip with them and myself and Paula (who I took with me to help out although I don’t think she took much persuading) thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The kennels for the puppies were just like walking into a modern veterinary practice kennels, everything was spotless, air conditioned, light and secure. Unlike my last experience once the dogs were in their completely separate room on the car deck they had no exposure to car fumes, noise or disturbance from the rest of the ship and were checked on very regularly by staff throughout the journey. One of the bonuses of travelling with your pets is that you get priority boarding and offloading from the ship and you can park your vehicle next to the kennel room.

You would think having travelled so far to a completely new country, new people, places, smells, sights and sounds the puppies would have been frightened and cowed but these two little guys were so chilled and just licked us and made us laugh immediately they arrived.

Bailey was six months old when she arrived. They had to have Rabies inoculations together with the usual treatments and are not allowed to travel before they are four months. I then had a litter of puppies in the house and might have been moving so Henrietta very kindly kept them a bit longer for us. Bailey does like all dachshunds have a bit of an obstinate streak and as she had not been socialised or lead trained as much as we do here she had a lot to learn but has I am pleased to report developed into a much loved and important member of the pack.

To help with her socialisation Bailey went to Show Off Dog Grooming Day Care (see my links page for details) for a few days and she soon learned that meeting strange dogs of all sizes colours and breeds was not a frightening experience and now greets most new dogs with a bark and playful demeanour. She also met other people and had a crash course in how to behave in a different environment.

Bailey has undergone quite a bit of training at home both for the show ring and how to behave in the house. Toilet training is still undergoing and she seems to love the show ring so much that she prefers to bounce around on two legs instead of four!

So far Bailey has been to two Open Shows and a Championship Show where she has received a first, Best Puppy in Breed and a second. The Championship Show in hindsight was perhaps a step too far for her just yet but she loved the experience and I think once she can concentrate on what is expected of her will make a lovely show dog.

First and foremost Bailey is a loveable happy character with a fantastic temperament; she just wants to please and like all the wires makes you laugh all the time. If she is not on my lap she is playing with the others and really enjoys visitors so she can lick new faces.

Bailey has had the most fantastic litter of seven puppies in January 2019 with the father being Tendrow Moondance or Faust as he is known. Unfortunately her jealous behaviour came out again when Amiety had her litter in April and we have eventually had to find Bailey. New home. I am so pleased the home we chose for her is with a lovely retired couple who live on 20 acres with a large house who had had Dachshunds before. Everyone is really happy especially Bailey and although I was very sorry to see her go I know it was the right thing for her.