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Amiety or Bramalodge Amiety at Derdledash has proved herself to be an excellent dual purpose dachshund. She has a very wiry coat and is a much lighter colour than the others still sporting a wild boar stripe when her coat grows through. She qualified for Crufts at just her third show, achieved best puppy at her second show and in a tough class at Crufts 2015 achieved Very Highly Commended and Mrs Valerie Foss the judge commented “I like this one”. Qualifying for Crufts 2016 she failed to place however managed 1st and Reserve Best in Breed at Isle of Ely . Amiety has energy to burn so likes nothing better than digging up the garden chasing the other dogs and making us all laugh. Out of a Czech Repubic import and by the famous Fransin Brasilian TP Panettone (IMP ITA) ShCM from Italy she has an excellent pedigree with the modern European blood lines. She is our little “licker” who would just spend all day on your lap licking your face if you let her. Now proved to be a wonderful mum producing four excellent litters, her last September 2020 with nine puppies.

Amiety or Bramalodge Amiety at Derdledash has proved herself to be an excellent dual purpose dachshund.

Amiety was advertised for sale in Chesterfield by another lovely couple. It just goes to show that the dogs turn out like their owners. Amiety was a very different breeding from Brokk and Daisy

I did not even want to see the litter as I was now beginning to feel more confident in looking at the parents and their breeding and knowing roughly what the pups would be like. All I asked for was a puppy with the Wild Board colouring. This is a dog with bringle colouring except for the strip down the back which is black and yellow/orange markings on the eye brows, muzzle and across the chest. Ruby was chosen for me and she was the biggest of the litter. The breeders did insist that I went over to look so at four weeks I called in to see them.

Graham Howe turned out to be a stalking man who liked his hunting and used his dogs for the purpose and Julia liked hers to look good so liked to show. I had found another all-purpose breeding. When I saw the pups I realised that you have to see them before you make any decisions and in fact decided that Amiety was more the one for me so thankfully I was allowed to change my mind.

Deal done I picked Amiety up at 10 weeks and had to remind myself about puppy training again and crate and playpen etc etc. How wrong I was, Amiety decided she wanted to be different from the other two and would not settle. Plan B, we had purchased a soft crate for Pepe when he arrived with Mum and he had settle well into this in Mums bedroom so I decided to try this with Amiety. The only way I could get her to settle was to put the crate on the bed close enough to me so she could see me and I could touch her through the mesh. This went on for a while until eventually I moved her to the floor. She then spent more time with my other two and eventually made up her own mind to stay downstairs.

I am pleased to say Brokk took to Amiety a lot quicker than Daisy and in fact they play together more than Daisy and Amiety. I think Daisy has let her winning go to her head and she is now above the play phase although she does still enjoy getting muddy.

I am staring Amiety's training now and coat stripping. We entered our first show in September but guess what mother nature stepped in and Amiety had her fist season at exactly six months so we had to cancel.

The good news is that we have now been to our first show with Amiety at Newark Showground with the Grantham and District Canine Association. She was very nervous at first with all the noise and other dogs about but I walked her round for a while and gradually she became more confident. The first class was for Juniors as there were no puppy classes and she got her first red rosette, also Best Puppy in breed and then went onto to win Group Four in the Best Puppy of the House Group in a good class of eight.

Amiety has had four fantastic litters of puppies by Brokk the last September 2020. She will now go into Veteran classes at shows and enjoy being one of the pack.