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Ann Eldred

Puppy Carer

I met my first wire haired dachshund back in 2011 when Mum asked us to find her a little dog to keep her company after Dad died. It think she first saw a short haired miniature walking along the pier at Whitby and this combined with the more comical look of the wire haired variety the hunt was on. Little Pepe was such a kind and gentle little boy, always making us laugh, wether he was being good or bad, he took no looking after and we were all hooked on the breed.

Brokk was my first dog who taught us all much more about the breed. Being the standard size and in my mind the more robust version he went everywhere from the shops, the pub, friends and family to the office and on holiday. He was introduced to the countryside, horse shows, long walks, parks and woodland. Brokk has trained as a tracking dog which involves laying a trail of scent and asking him to follow it. He also loves retrieving things, tennis balls, toys or my shoes whichever he can pick up and drop in front of me to throw for him.

I loved this little dog so much I had to find him a friend and this was when Daisy joined us. I thought she would be more genteel, how wrong I was, a proper little tom boy, she goes rabbiting, chases birds (not my chickens) and still manages to be a proper floosey when she meets other dogs. It was Daisy who I decided to start showing with. I had to learn this from scratch as I had never shown a dog before. Daisy has been very successful in the show ring, is a perfect "lap dog", loves the outdoors and has through the show ring acquired her Stud Dog number which qualifies her for Crufts for life. She has had two litters but is now retired from breeding.

I have to say I have met some very interesting and lovely people on this journey. All of my dogs try their hand at showing, we have entered and been successful in Open Shows, Championship Shows and qualified for and competed at Crufts. We have been to ring class classes, the dogs have experienced as much of the world as possible being happy friendly and loveable characters loved by all who meet them.

After the success of Daisy I had the bug for this breed and looked for another and found Amiety, a perfect addition to the kennel. She is so sweet and a proper comedian. She has also been very successful in the show ring, been to Crufts and had a litter of puppies. Like the rest of the gang just loves the outdoors, laying as close as possible to me on the sofa and will lick you to death.

Joining us in 2017 we have our Hungarian import Bailey who is a true pin wire and Clyde who is one of Daisy and Brokks puppies. Both these puppies are going to join the pack with showing and working trials.

More recently after successes in the show ring, three litters of puppies and an amazing time with this fantastic breed I found myself having to make a major decision in my life. I had been diagnosed with ME or Myalgic Encephalomylitis and was no longer able to work full time. I retired from the property world and looked at my latest hobby as being my life. I certainly made the right decision. I do not proclaim to be an expert on dogs, showing or breeding but would like to think I have carried out thorough research, am open to suggestions and imput from the professionals and attempted to furnish myself with as much knowledge as possible to offer advise to others wishing to join me in owning such a wonderful breed of dog.

The pack has continued to grow and you can see all of them on their own page on this website. Each area is kept up to date as often as possible showing details of show wins, puppies, training, failures (I believe in mentioning both) and pictures. I am trying to run a blog on this site but you will have to forgive me if it goes quiet for a while due to the contraints of doggy care.

I have always had a dog in my life from a small child when my parents had a standard poodle called Cuddles to school children with a toy poodle called Topsey who had a puppy and Booboo who was my brothers chihuaha.

When I first left home and moved into a flat I bought a beautiful black and white springer spaniel who I called Penny. Being in a flat was not a good idea for such a bouncy dog however I was close to work so was able to go home at lunchtime and she and I spent many happy hours walking alongside the river and training to be a gun dog. She managed to have a go at gun dog trials but I have to say I did not put enough training into her to go far.

When I moved into my present home which had a garden and was very close to some lovely wood and park land I decided I would love a puppy again and what better way than to have puppies from Penny. We had two litters in the end as the first litter were all sold very quickly so the puppy I kept came from the second litter and he was a brown and white called Valentine. He had a lovely heart shape on his side. I spent more time training him and he did go shooting a few times.

Obviously the inevitable happened and Penny died. However I had Valentine and we were very happy. Next came Timba a beautiful greyhound. He was found by my mother in a ditch close to death. She scooped him up and took him to our local vetinerary surgery who had to put him in intensive care. Once Mum told me about him I had to go and see him, no one claimed him and as he seemed to like Valentine I took him home. The reason we called him Timba was because he was found near a timber yard. We had some great games over the years and Timba was great company when Valentine died.

Timba was also a great comedian, on one ocassion he picked up a hedgehog in the back garden took it upstairs and dropped it in my bed. I was unaware of this until I went looking for Timba and found him laying on the bed with his paws either side of the hedgehog looking very pleased with himself.

Obviously the time came when Timba also went to the doggy heaven and I was left without company.

Diploma in Animal Psychology

I have now completed my Animal Psychology Course for Dogs, Cats and Rabbits and here is my well earned Diploma certificate to prove it.

I am now starting the next phase and will update you when I finish the course. Always nice to have something to do during those long dark winter evenings.

Done it I can now officially say I have the letter O.A.Dip (Animal Psychology) after my name (amongst other things!!!) With Distinction no less.

Also known as Teckels, suitable for show, pet or working dogs. Best temperament, character and looks. Come and see us by appointment or email for more information or advice.